Collection Development Plan

Identify, license, purchase, manage high quality health care information in appropriate formats which support University teaching, research and patient care.

  • Build and maintain a collection of information resources based upon use, teaching, research, and clinical needs
  • Develop policies and business practices which facilitate the creation of a collection of high quality, reputable health care resources (print, licensed online, locally published)
  • Manage the physical collection in a manner to assure use and ready access by patrons
  • Develop a "virtual facility" which supports students, faculty and others who are pursuing health care information including reference services, instruction, and resources
  • Catalog and process purchased, licensed and digital resources
  • Disseminate information via the data warehouse regarding use and cost of resources, numbers of resources available, use of services such as testing events, training events, teaching/instruction events, pager uses, reference encounters, etc.

The most recent Collection Management Policy can be found here.

Last modified: Dec 03, 2012