Comprehensive Searching

Dykes Library offers fee-based expert searching of medical literature. Searches are done by our medical reference librarians, all of whom hold master's degrees in library science and have formal database training and extensive medical reference experience.

Students: Since we consider the research process to be a part of the learning experience, we will work with students on search strategy and database selections. We do not perform literature searches for student research assignments. For librarian assistance, please contact us by calling our Research and Learning Department at 913-588-7330 or emailing us at

NOTE: The medical and health information resources of the A.R. Dykes Library of Health Sciences are intended for use by the general public and health care professionals. Staff are prepared to assist in locating information. The Dykes Library staff statements and representations regarding the information found does not constitute medical advice or a recommendation regarding health care or diagnosis. Further, staff will not interpret the results of any search. Please consult your physician regarding specific questions.

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