Diversity Resources

Social determinants of illness are the true number one cause of disease in the world. For this reason, many campus-wide efforts come together at Dykes Library to make available resources which promote knowledge and learning relating to the elimination of health disparities.

Collections at Dykes library include information relating to cross-cultural competencies and care, minority and diversity studies, underrepresented minorities in health care professions, academic and research success, and other aspects relating to the contexts of health care, communities and individuals.

Dykes Library wishes to thank the following KUMC partnerships which also provide funding and resources for this collection.

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Center of Excellence for Diversity and the Elimination of Health Disparities (COE)

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion  (ODI) administers the Center of Excellence (COE), which supplies the largest portion of diversity resources to Dykes Library. Collections purchased through COE funds focus on the academic success of minority students, informing culturally competent physicians, increasing diversity awareness, research and career development, as well as expanding research on health care issues affecting minority populations.

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Diversity and Minority Studies Collection

Items purchased through Human Capital Managment's Diversity Initiative promote cross-cultural understanding among colleagues and a campus climate of diversity where one another’s differences are valued and respected. Topics include multiculturalism, minorities, and the intersections of health and health care.

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School of Nursing Cultural Enhancement Program

The KU School of Nursing proudly offers the Faculty & Staff Enhancement Program for Cultural Enrichment. This innovative program is designed to promote utilization of up-to-date culturally competent knowledge and behaviors in nursing education and to enhance faculty mentoring of nursing students for the future.

Additional Resources

Minority Information Resource Center (MIRC)

The MIRC collection, an initiative of the Office of Cultural Enhancement and Diversity, began in 1996. The scope of this collection aligns with the Center of Excellence Collection.

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Professional Development and Faculty Affairs (PDFA)

Resources provided through this collection cover topics which promote faculty success, such as a faculty member’s role in patient care, research, teaching and life-long learning, scholarship, mentoring, and networking seek to support faulty in professional and personal life-long learning.

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OCED Book Program

The OCED Book Program began in 2000 and highlights a title each year relating to the intersection of culture and medicine, or the culture of medicine as practiced and how it impacts patients, families, communities and doctors.

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