Printing, Copying, Scanning & Faxing

Update on Student Printing coming June 1st!


All charges can be paid for with check, MasterCard, VISA, Discover or American Express at the User Services Desk of the Library. Cash is not accepted.

  • Black and white printing and copying is free to all KUMC affiliates
  • Color printing costs $0.35 per page for all users
  • Public guests printing more than a few pages will be charged $0.10 per page for black and white printing
  • Faxing is $1.00 per page


  1. Select double-sided or single-sided from the printing options box before you send the document to the printer
  2. Select the printer nearest to you - located on the ground floor of the library
  3. Documents will print out at the printer you selected
  4. Color printing can be claimed by inquiring at the User Services Desk (ground floor, library)


Black and white photocopying is available at any of the printers on the ground floor of the library. Color photocopying is unavailable but you may scan the document and send it to the color printer.


The library has two feeder/flatbed scanners freely available for use. These scanners are located on the ground floor just past the elevator with the brick surround in the Southwest corner. These computers have Adobe Professional software, allowing you to create and modify PDF files from scanned documents.

Printers in the library also have the scan to email feature enabled so you may use any printer on the ground floor of the library to do your quick scanning when not in heavy printing use.


The Library offers faxing service upon request at the User Services. Cover sheets are free although we cannot receive faxes and international faxing is not allowed.

Questions? Contact our User Services Staff.

Last modified: May 02, 2017