Study Rooms in the Library

Group study rooms are available on the second floor of the library. We have five large rooms that fit 6-8 people, have 2 computers, 1 movable 46" display, 2 whiteboards, dry erase markers and eraser, and 2 small tables with 8 chairs. We have 6 small rooms that fit 2-4 people, have 1 computer, 1 mounted 42" display, 2 whiteboards, dry erase markers and eraser, and 1 small table with 4 chairs.

Use of study rooms in the library is restricted to current faculty, staff and students of KU Medical Center.

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Dykes Library Study Room Policy

  • Rooms may be booked for two sessions totaling four hours per day.
  • Students can reserve a study room one day in advance. Faculty, researchers, or students working on unusually complex collaboration projects requiring additional scheduling options may book further in advance by contacting Dykes staff.
  • If a room is empty and has no reservation, you're free to use it and/or make an immediate reservation. If there's a no-show, after 20 minutes we'll reserve the room for you.
  • You can remain in a study room indefinitely past scheduled time but will be asked to vacate if it is needed by others.
  • Personal belongings should not be left unattended in study rooms. The library isn't responsible for any lost or stolen items. Lockers for temporary storage are available on the ground floor for a refundable deposit of $0.50.
  • Return the study room to the state you found it in. Move furniture back in place, plug equipment back in, and clean up any trash. Anti-bacterial wipes are available at stations throughout the library.
  • Study Rooms must be vacated, along with one's belongings, during designated hours to allow Housekeeping to clean and sanitize the rooms.

Last modified: Apr 08, 2015