Binding Services @ Dykes Library

The binding office is located in Dykes Library, G012. For questions regarding the binding process stop by between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm, or call (913) 588-5073.

General Information

Dykes Library offers binding services through Houchen Bindery in Utica, Nebraska. The binding process takes approximately two weeks, and materials are generally shipped from, and returned to, Dykes Library every other Tuesday.

For any binding, personal or departmental, there is a choice of 15 cover colors. Choose the color code from the booklet available at the Dykes Bindery Office or on the Houchen Bindery website. The three lettering colors to select from are white, black and gold.

Prices for departmental and personal binding services are subject to change based upon contract modifications.

Personal Binding Services

KUMC employees and students can have their dissertations, theses, and practicum reports bound through Dykes Library for $10.00/per copy. All personal binding of dissertations, theses, and practicum reports MUST be prepaid.

To submit your materials to be bound through Dykes Library, complete a binding order form and bring it, along with printed copies of your thesis/dissertation, to the Dykes Library Public Services desk to prepay based upon the number of copies.

For questions concerning the submission of dissertations or theses visit the Office of Graduate Studies webpage.

Departmental Binding Services

Departments and doctors may send their books and journals for binding using the library's contract pricing. Contact the binding office between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm at (913) 588-5073 or visit Dykes Library G012 for information on preparing materials, completing the required paper work, and shipment dates. You may also visit the Houchen Bindery website for guidelines.

Departments will be billed directly by Houchen Bindery at the contract price plus the contract fuel surcharge of 2.2% of the total bill, or a minimum of $15.00.

Last modified: May 13, 2013